Elise Campbell Photography | Preschool Portraits

What sets your preschool apart from other schools? 

Is it your attention to detail? 

The extra time you take to nurture even your tiniest students? 

Consistently delivering excellence? 

Do the school portraits that you send home reflect that level of quality?


Elise Campbell Photography now offers Custom Preschool Photography fundraisers, where everyone benefits.

Your students have a beautiful, personalized experience.

Your families receive top notch photographs,

selected from a variety of proofs.

Your school receives a return on all profits.




Contact Elise by clicking here to learn more about how to bring Elise Campbell Photography to your preschool!


Elise, an experienced teacher, and mother of 3,

will visit with your students before Picture Day to establish a trusting relationship, and to share a little bit about photography with the children.


Elise's work:

  EliseCampbellPreschool-30EliseCampbellPreschool-30 EliseCampbellPreschool-123EliseCampbellPreschool-123 EliseCampbellPreschool-307EliseCampbellPreschool-307     EliseCampbellPreschool-2EliseCampbellPreschool-2 EliseCampbellPreschool-44EliseCampbellPreschool-44 EliseCampbellPreschool-296EliseCampbellPreschool-296   EliseCampbellPreschool-209EliseCampbellPreschool-209 EliseCampbellPreschool-544EliseCampbellPreschool-544 EliseCampbellPreschool-381EliseCampbellPreschool-381   EliseCampbellPreschool-24EliseCampbellPreschool-24 EliseCampbellPreschool-EliseCampbellPreschool-