Elise Campbell Photography | Headshots




Do you need to be noticed?  Or are you just tired of an old, outdated profile.  Elise creates amazing headshots that will stop people in their tracks.  Whether you need headshots for a website, or Linked-In, or for auditions, Elise has the plan that works for you. 

One Shot Deal - $250 - 1 digital image

In a simple 10-20 minute visit to the studio, Elise will capture you looking your best.  We will take just a handful of images, and you choose the one you'd like Elise to retouch.  Then, that one shot will be edited and sent to you, and/or your agent,  within a week!  (Add additional digitals for $100 per image, or prints.

Triple Threat - $550 - 3 digital images,  3 8x10s, and an in-person viewing and ordering session

If you'd like to capture a few different looks, this is the session for you!  With outfit changes and posing, this type of session lasts for approximately one hour.  We take our time and have lots of fun.  You'll feel like a model for the day!  After the session, Elise will edit some images to share when you return, in 1-2 weeks, for our in person ordering session, where you will hand select your images, with Elise's guidance. This doubles as the opportunity to purchase beautiful portraits for your home.  (Add 5 8x10 prints for $100, or additional digitals for $188 per image.)


Leading Lady - $800 per person - professional hair and make up artist, a $250 ordering credit* and an in-person viewing and ordering session

This is so much more than a headshot session!  It's a magical, self-esteem boosting, seeing-your-own beauty, luxury experience.  Celebrate your worth. Celebrate a friendship.  Honor yourself.  Before the session, you'll have a pre-consultation with Elise to discuss your wardrobe, personal style, your purpose for the session, and review the signature products that will be created from our session.  When you arrive at Elise's studio, you'll enjoy having your make-up done, and hair professionally styled. Then, Elise will guide you through poses and outfits.  Meaningful conversations will very likely take place, and you'll laugh a lot, too.  This session is great as a bachelorette experience, for a high school senior, mother/daughter, a graduate, you name it!  Be sure to make plans to go out AFTER the session to keep the fun going while you're looking so amazing.  Approximately two weeks later, you'll return for your in person viewing and ordering session, during which you'll be guided through the selection process. *Ordering credit must be used at during the viewing and ordering session.