Elise Campbell Photography | Fall Mini Sessions FAQ & Agreement




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Some frequently asked questions are popping up, so I'm going to address them with all of you, just in case you're wondering how things work.

What should we wear?  
Comfortable clothes - you all don't have to match perfectly.  Try not to wear something that screams 2015.  Keep your clothing as timeless as possible, because our art will be!  Try to choose colors that blend with each other, and stand out against the foliage. I personally love jewel tones this time of year - magenta, plum, purple, blue, etc.  Neutrals, like browns and tans, also look great.  Avoid plain white or black.  Layers and ruffles shoot beautifully.  I do sometimes like to sit families on the ground, so if you're wearing jeans and a ruffly top and blazer, or jeans and a sweater, that works well.  If you have a skirt or dress that you're dying to wear, that's great, too.

Can I just order one image for a card, and not order any other digitals or prints?
No. With full sessions, the minimum order is $350.  For mini sessions, it's $250.

Where and when will my session take place?
You choose the DATE of your session now.  During the week before your session, I'll send you an email to confirm the time and location of your session.  Various factors, including daylight savings, the weather, the light, and the conditions at my outdoor locations, impact this decision, so I prefer to wait, check out my locations, and confirm as the session gets close.

How long will it take until I see my photos?
I promise your images in 2-3 weeks, and try to get them to you sooner than that.

How long do I have to order?
1 week.  If you need help choosing, please call me.  I need to be consistent with this even though I understand how hard it is to choose.  For the sake of my business, and my sanity -- and yours, I can't have orders sitting on the back burner for extended periods of time.  If you're planning to order large wall art for your home from me, I can come to your house and do a consultation, including photos of your walls with images from our shoot, in various sizes, on them.

What if I can't decide which images to buy?
You don't have to.  :)  I'm offering a mini session special again this year, which is all images in your gallery, for digital download, for $888. (Regular price is $1088.  Huge savings!)  Then, you can order as many images as you'd like - or gifts, or canvases, or mugs…whatever… and have digital files forever & ever.  This is, by far, my most popular collection. Once ordered, I have labs that I recommend for beautiful prints.

What would YOU purchase?
I feel like images should be hung huge on your walls whenever possible.  As you know, my vision for you is a beautiful photo of scenery - almost painting - like, that happens to have the people you love most, in this whole, wide world, right there in the middle of the art. They ARE the art.  And that kind of art is timeless and beautiful and universal.  I love, love, love, the large gallery wrapped canvases that I sell.  They don't have to be framed. You unwrap them, stick a nail in the wall, and hang them.   I sell them quite a bit because I believe in them.  (Which reminds me - I need to order some new ones for my own walls.  I like to do a collection of several images from one shoot on the same wall.)

How much is…?
Almost all of my pricing is online, on my website, under "pricing."  I have Collections and A La Carte pricing.

What if I want to order cards with one of our images on them?
There are two ways to get cards.  

1) Search for photo card templates from Etsy.com.  When you find one that you love, email me the link.  I will then purchase the template ($15 or less), and add your images and wording into the card.  My flat, one sided 5x7 photo cards are $200 for 100 cards.  100 card minimum.  Folded cards cost more.  Please don't wait until the last minute for this.  Some Etsy sellers don't deliver the card template to me immediately, and custom creating wording and adding images does take time.

2) Go to Minted http://www.minted.com/photographer-storefront/elisecampbellphotography , or Here http://www.tinyprints.com/storefront/elisecampbell  to order from TinyPrints.  You choose the card that you like, and purchase the digital image from me (one digital image is normally $188, but if you would like to use it only for your card, and not to print huge wall art & stuff, I can offer it to you for $78), and I'll send it to Tiny Prints or Minted and YOU create the card.
Please note that there is a minimum order of $350 for full sessions, and $250 for mini sessions. 

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes.  I have to.  Even though I love you.  This is my business and I could get in big trouble if I didn't charge (and pay) tax.

Can you copy that other photographer's shot for me?
No.  I can't even copy my own work.  The lighting, and emotions, and camera settings, and faces, and clothing, and positions of my beautiful subjects changes every second.  Part of the beauty of my art is that it can't really be replicated.  (Do you know how many images I've captured of my clients' children that I would looooove to have of my own children?)  I love to hear about your ideas for our shoot, and what you're hoping to capture.  (Is your priority a shot of just the siblings, or the whole family together, for example?)  I will do my very best to combine our visions and give you images that will melt your heart. But, your images may not look like anyone else's.  And I think that's pretty awesome.  

Should I tell my toddler to smile?  Should I teach him to say CHEESE?
Um…thank you for trying to help, but no. I'd rather capture a serious look if it's genuine, than a big cheesy smile if it's fake.  Generally, my best sessions are ones during which the parents are relaxed and happy, and not pressuring the children to smile.  Sometimes they goof around from behind my head to get giggles and smiles, and that's great! The experience of being photographed should be lighthearted and loving and meaningful.  My goal is for your experience to be as beautiful as your images.  Will you help me with that?  <3

I hope these FAQs answer some of your Qs. <3  If you have any more questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'm here.  :)