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Treasured Baby Plan





During your baby's first year of life, he or she will change and grow in more ways that you can imagine.  So will your capacity for love!  Reaching the baby's first birthday is also a milestone for the parents!  The Treasured Baby Plan helps you to document his or her progress over the course of the year, whether you've used Elise for newborn portraits, or not.


By joining the Treasured Baby Plan, you enjoy two sessions during baby's first year, that covers ages and phases, and a family session any time after the first birthday.  You also get Elise's undivided attention for one in person ordering meeting per session.




The first session typically takes place when your baby is sitting up.   Your baby's personality is beginning to shine through as she sits up, interacts, and smiles at the camera!  We usually check in with each other at roughly 6 months of age, although the tummy time stage is a great time to photograph baby as well!




The second session includes baby's one-year old session, complete with a favorite outfit of your choice, and a celebratory cake smash.


Once your baby's One-Year-Old in studio session has taken place, we complete the year with a family portrait session, either outdoors, in natural light, or in Elise's Harrington Park Studio, any time within the following year (before the baby turns two).  (You are welcome to book Elise during Fall Portrait Season, however, sessions at this time are limited due to demand.)


If you've already booked a newborn session with Elise, the Treasured Baby Plan is only $250 (and this covers $700 in session fees). 

If you're haven't worked with Elise already, you are more than welcome to sign on to the Treasured Baby Plan for $500.


When you first sign on to the Treasured Baby Plan, we will work together to customize a product that creatively celebrates and documents your child's first year of life. (A Treasure Book, for example, that includes photos and words for you and the baby to help remember this precious time in your lives.)


After each session, you will return for an in-person ordering session, where you may select images for our end-of-the-year project, and also order products to enjoy right away.


Should you choose to add digital images on to your Signature Art, you will also have year-long access to Elise's Exclusive Gallery, where you may order products directly from a professional lab. (Of course, once you own the digitals with print release, you are also welcome to order prints from wherever you'd like!)


When Elise offers special promotions (like our upcoming Gentle Santa experience), our Treasured Babies also receive special offers and first booking priority.



In order to best serve her families, Treasured Baby Plan members are required to complete their ordering sessions for previous stages BEFORE the next stage's session can take place.


As always, all decision makers are required to attend our In Person Ordering sessions, and all orders must be placed in person.