They Call Her Brave; I call her Ava Raye.

October 27, 2015
Meet Ava Raye. I wanted to capture photos of Ava with her mom and dad so they had a platform to share her story, and spread awareness about childhood cancer. Ava h...
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Fostering Hope {NJ Pet Photographer}

October 20, 2015
It's a funny thing, when you foster dogs. Sometimes, you give a dog a name that doesn't quite fit, and you're not sure why. And other times, a dog shows you who she is im...
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Straight from the Heart - Remembering Grandpa Baba {Spring Lake, NJ Beach Photographer}

September 30, 2015
"You know, my grandpa used to love swimming in the waves. He died, but he's always in my heart. So is it okay if he joins us today?" -Straight from Faye's heart...
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Best Birthday Gift Ever {Tenafly NJ Children's Photographer}

September 29, 2015
How do you celebrate your dad's 80th birthday? What do you give an 80 year old? You bring his whole family together, and you laugh a lot, and you capture the fun, the...
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Moving Forward

May 22, 2015
Today is the day that I lost everything. Well, not everything. That's being quite dramatic. But I lost a big piece of me and I'm going to grow from this. At 12:44 PM, I...
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